Decisive Management


Decisive Management have been responsible for guiding the career of one of the most successful acts this decade. However, more than that they help artists, big or small, look after themselves.

Their huge amount of combined experience means they can see every angle to the deal, all sides of the argument. They’re not phased, seduced or bedazzled by the glamour of the music industry. Individually and collectively their goal is as it ever was: developing youthful talent. Helping them realise their dreams, however long it takes. Building success day by day, brick by brick, tune by tune. Winning over fans, one by one. The song remains the same.

The Decisive team have worked inside the record labels when the new acts come in to strike deals. They know that it’s better when artists, management and label work in tandem, in harmony. They can plot a path to success together. It’s better that way.

Working hard, and working hard some more. But for all the importance of taking the professional route, Decisive know there’s an equally important route: helping shape the personal-holistic development of their clients. Artists are artists, but they’re people too. One can fuel the other, and they can coexist successfully. That’s the hardest part sometimes – to have normality outside of the spotlight. To help them become successful people.

Decisive manage individuals. Manage their music, their careers and – as far as they might want it – their lives. It’s not about making kids famous. It’s about making rich lives.